Recently I signed up for a GitHub account.
First I was a little annoyed reading and hearing sentences like „..and we’re also at GitHub – we’re embracing open source..“. Aha.
Any company that sells proprietary software was now on GitHub: Apple, ESRI, Microsoft, Google. Of course not with their core proprietary products.
But then I noticed that the community grew and I realized that some companies were not just riding the open source wave for getting „code credibility“ but really released more and more code open source.
And besides that: it feels more comfortable knowing some company hosts your code in the cloud with a DVCS. So I decided to sign up.

The difference
I already have a Bitbucket repository but this is not public just because it’s not open source. And that’s the main difference between GitHub and Bitbucket in my opinon: GitHub is everything open source and public for anyone (unless you pay for private repositories) while at Bitbucket you can choose between private and public repos.
Of course GitHub works with git and Bitbucket with mercurial, but the tools are more or less the same regarding functionality.
I started with mercurial and it took 5 minutes to learn how to use git.
So that’s how I’ll handle it: GitHub for exchange with others and anything open source, Bitbucket for working with a team on private repos.
Thus it should not be „GitHub vs Bitbucket“ but „GitHub and Bitbucket“.

From now on any code I discuss in this blog will be published at GitHub (@sommergis) and I’ll move the code over to it.

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